What This Vegan Eats-Das Ethiopian in Georgetown, USA

A traditional Ethiopian food platter with various stews and vegetables.

Do you love Ethiopian food? If no, you’re wrong. If yes, me too! Also, perhaps you should marry it. Also, you should check out Das Ethiopian in Georgetown. As amazing as Ethiopian food is, it’s pretty much all the same, so I generally judge Ethiopian restaurants by the experience, and Das Ethiopian didn’t disappoint in that regard. I checked out a place called Meskerem a couple of weeks ago, and while the food was very good, the place was dirty, and the service was slow. Das Ethiopian clean, bright, and the service was great! I mean, we even had a psychic server! I ordered our appetizer and asked whether its “special sauce” contained dairy (it does not), then when I tried to tell our server our entrée order, she said “vegetarian sampler for two.” Chills. I don’t know how she knew, but I do know that she has a very special gift. Here’s what we had:

These are the Mushroom Inguday Tibs. This tasted very fresh, and were both heavy and light at the same time. Tons of flavor, and didn’t bog me down pre-entree.

Here you have your typical [incredibly delicious] vegetarian sampler for two.

There was no room for dessert, but next time we’re going to try the lemon sorbet.