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DAS ‘A Tent Under Which All Come to Feast’

Come be a part of our deliciously authentic, world class Ethiopian fare. Allow your taste buds to envelop a new vocabulary whist the remaining of your sense are enticed by a unique cultural experience. In addition to providing a feast for all senses, DAS has become a crossroads for politicians, socialites, students, neighborhood diners, international entertainers, and hungry travelers who all share a command interest and/or curiosity for top-notched Ethiopian cuisine.

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DAS Ethiopian Cuisine 

Nestled in the center of Georgetown at the corner of 28th and M St NW. DAS is a picturesque walk from Georgetown University campus and the shopping mecca of Wisconsin and M. It’s a cozy, two-story structure and oversized windows provide a perfect outlook of Georgetown’s lively M Street, complete with generous outdoor patio seating.

Ethiopian cuisine is best known for its mixes and presentations of various seasoned meats, vegetables, and flavorful stews, served alongside a cultural stable bread injera. DAS’ menu features dishes from the traditional Ethiopian standards to unexpected new combinations like Eggplant and Carrot Wot. A dish made with eggplant in a tomato sauce, and Spinach and Rice, where vegetables are cooked with stewed tomatoes in rice. Classic stables include Collard Greens Gomen and Miser Wot, red lentils seasoned with Ethiopian herbs. Meat and vegetable dishes, lamb, chicken, beef and meat and vegetable combinations.

The ingredients simple yet with the unique and exotic seasonings, it will make for a meal like none other.





Sileshi Alifom


Sileshi Alifom has always relied on innovation.  With over thirty years of leadership experience in the hospitality and food and beverage industry, his eye for detail and constant improvement have gotten him the most out of all his experiences. Culminating a palate that has experienced various cuisines throughout his career, Alifom currently pulls from a satchel of recipes and traditional cooking techniques when sharing his culture through food.